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                FS-2 plus

                Input:AC 220V
                Seal.Dia:Φ15mm~Φ55mm,or Φ30mm~Φ75mm,or Φ60mm~Φ140mm (select one from three
                1, Pure digital circuit design: using the imported chip and the world's advanced FPGA algorithm, the realization of multithreading high-speed parallel (can simultaneously deal with the electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine required for various input and file signals), processing speed is dozens of times the single-chip microcomputer, sealing more stable, equipment failure rate is lower.
                2, Dual water cooling design: control circuit and heating inductor are using efficient water cooling, effectively improve the performance and reliability of their own equipment;
                3. Control mode: 4.3-inch touch screen control;
                4, Low EMI design: greatly reduce the harmonic pollution to the power grid, effectively improve the performance and reliability of their own equipment, while protecting the reliable operation of the surrounding electrical equipment;
                5, Anti-surge design: every time the equipment is connected to the mains, the market current slowly rises to the specified value, no hard impact on the grid, while meeting their own high power consumption requirements;
                6. Heating inductor: Newly added temperature control and protection function. When the temperature of heating inductor is too high, the machine stops output immediately, and the alarm lamp gives an audible and visual alarm. Unique tunnel structure, multi-directional three-dimensional induction mode makes the sealing effect more ideal, electromagnetic output is stable and uniform and powerful, can be compatible with all kinds of bottle sealing. The sensor can be rotated and interchangeable, which is suitable for bottle sealing of different sizes and diameters.
                7, Output voltage stability: in the case of mains fluctuations or load changes, the system will automatically stabilize the output effective voltage of the heating head, not too high or low, or high and low, maintain the consistency of the sealing effect, to avoid the phenomenon of bad sealing part of the bottle;
                8, Stable and reliable performance: the machine has a special design and perfect self-diagnosis and protection system, in a variety of extreme conditions (such as overheating, overload, water shortage and mains abnormalities, etc.), the equipment can be timely self-protection, external intelligent sound and light alarm, can accurately judge the fault point, convenient for users to check and remove the fault;
                9, Humanized operation interface: adopt full digital control concept, with power failure memory function, digital display, panel touch button design, the operation is very simple and convenient;
                10, Interchangeable with water cooling equipment: effectively reduce the cost of use, more convenient maintenance;
                11, Three-color warning light, convenient and intuitive: the warning light shows yellow when standby, green when working, red when failure;
                12, Bottle blocking automatic stop output (optional) : when the bottle under the sensor congestion, sealing machine automatically stop heating and alarm, to prevent the bottle under the sensor because of long time heating and fire;
                13. No aluminum foil automatic removal device (optional) : When there is no aluminum foil in the bottle cap, the aluminum foil free bottle will be automatically removed after the removal device.

                Widely used in food, pesticide, cosmetics, grain, oil, chemical and other industries bottled product sealing.
                Digital circuit, more stable.

                Input voltage: AC 220 V±10%,50/60 HZ
                Output power: Maximum 5000 W (adjustable)
                Sealing speed: 50-750 bottles/min
                Heating inductor: Tunnel type, adjustable height from ground 880-1440 mm
                Structure: Integral body, 304 stainless steel
                Dimension weight: 610*480*1240 mm,86 KG
                Cooling mode: host and induction head double water cooling
                Control mode: 4.3 "touch screen control


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