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                Speed:50~300bottles per minute
                Size:Main unit460×410×230mm,Water tank520×450×980mm
                Seal.Dia: Φ25~Φ80mm

                1. The shell is made of high quality stainless steel design, both beautiful and conform to GMP requirements.
                2. The heating sensor performance is strong, vertical comprehensive induction sealing.
                3. The heating sensor can rotate, suitable for different size diameter bottle seal, multi-usage, cost savings.
                4. The heating sensor,main unit can be interchanged for the equipment of the same model, effectively reduce the cost.
                5. Compatible with all kinds of sealing function, especially for special container sealing.
                6. New intelligent module technology, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, dustproof, preventing electromagnetic interference, long service life, convenient maintenance.
                7. Circulating water cooling, promote power play, efficient fast.
                8. The built-in intelligence regulated power supply system, guarantee the constant output power, power grid volatility can work normally.
                9. Over-voltage, over-current, overheating protection function and automatic detection diagnosis function.
                10. Adjustable power switch power supply, start without preheating, simple operation.
                11. The cooling system adopts mute design, effectively reduce the noise environment work.
                Standard: one Main unit,one water tank, one heating sensor

                Specialized in food, pesticide, medicine, cosmetics, edible oil, chemical and other industries of sealing products, especially with the distinctive function of special container sealing.

                Input:AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz
                Output: 3000Wmax(Adjustable)
                Sealing speed:50~300 bottles per minute
                Sealing height(from ground):760-1180 mm

                Machine size:

                Main unit 460×410×230 mm,

                Water tank 520×450×980 mm,

                Heating sensor 310×130×190 mm

                Sealing diameter:Φ25~Φ80 mm


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